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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 2, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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while the holds its breath to see what will push that spot was next. and since each of the rt. in our neck and mouth and he knew chc!vez who will all that well continue financing the defender and captain comanche and tokyo one slice president joe biden has arrived in japan and it was to step into the spirit. that's generating plenty of fiction in the stage at the meeting leaders in tokyo beijing and seoul to talk about china's newly established air defense identification zone. i didn't sit down on tuesday with japanese prime minister
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shinzo abe's called the zone very dangerous. chinese defence ministry officials announced last month that they had set up is down a chemist a large part of the east china sea and includes the islands the japanese control the chinese and taiwanese frame. biting my head to china after he leaves to pad the vice president will meet on wednesday with the president's xi jim king and other chinese leaders analysts say biden is starting his thick asian tour in japan to highlight the decades old the us japan alliance and to quote meat of response to china. it traveled to south korea later this week. us readers who responded quickly to china smeared it with those words and actions. top officials and criticize the chinese for trying to change the status quo in the asia pacific and many are rather and military commanders and a b fifty two bombers decline of the day air defense identification zone out. a strong message to authorities in beijing that the operations of us forces
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in the region wouldn't change the neatly fit with the center for strategic and international studies about biden's visit to the region and how the identifications down will dominate talks. i think this new air defense identification zone that china has announced it will be a very important topic of discussion. it has created new tensions. between china and the united states. it has certainly increased the friction between china and japan. and now introduced new tensions between china and south korea and created the potential for accidents in the region. that could be quite dangerous. it is the tightening of the announcement and the extent of this zone that i think is quite worrisome to the united states as well as the procedures that the chinese have announced that applied to aircraft that
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are flying through the set and therefore i think that the united states does not expect that china will rescind this zone. but i think the us hopes that we can influence how the chinese actually implement these procedures. the circumstances under which they intercept aircraft flying through the zone. i think you will certainly encourage more diplomacy on any specific discussions about confidence building measures up between air forces in particular but also between other parts of the military and law enforcement systems. i think overall. what the vice president is going to do is encourage. a lessening of tensions between china and japan and underscore how important the sino japanese relationship is out to both countries and to
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the preservation of stability prosperity in northeast asia chinese officials have been slammed in japan's refusal to recognize regulations in their new and different sound april is the status of u s leaders to allow commercial airlines to follow chinese tools. us state department officials last week approved an air carriers with the feel of china's big plans to submit my plans. japanese officials maintain that countries and i have no obligation to tell china when they enter the zone she don't you. japan is criticizing the sheer disadvantage in cooperation with china commercial air travel. teens japan should change its approach to install its irrational accusations the us stance he said cooperation with china will help preserve order and safety in the air space and
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of the east china sea taiwanese military officials say their air force has fallen into china's new air defense down around thirty times and still find strong no chinese response. the bad news for you and me made the announcement on monday in comments then added that time onwards scrambled and craft it's chinese military claims that it is known that overlapped with colonies in space with out proper notice officials also revealed the number of incursions into this town detected by their maid on to the chinese declared bestowed on november twenty third. us military planes to twenty and two to sixteen times. japanese self defense force and crafty eat five times and chinese military planes fifty five times. the hero that a protest meeting in a rather ranging in time that is standing defiant even in a seminal west winds. former deputy prime ministers to ten takes to mind is that now calling on supporters to ask
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the effort against the regime thousands of people and keeping protests going in central bangkok. they demanded the resignation of prime is taking much in a lot the station the pocket of her brother. exiled former prime minister thompson showed a lot to ten c to ten pm monday to store the prime minister's office and other key locations security personnel tried to gas and rubber bullets. the one hundred people were injured a thai court on monday issued an arrest warrant for the protest today on charges of insurrection. but to test refused to back down. shula the more i look great. who knew night. from all directions tomorrow the metropolitan police vehicle. to take it. foreign ministers have learned to eat at trying to bring it to mass in his earlier on monday. he said time he didn't attend
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and to resolve the situation peacefully. he said don't want the law if necessary according to international standards. my math related in and this is news that japanese officials have been debating a new stimulus package and a close to finalizing the details i didn't see that turns us now from the business that thrives on how much are we talking about here. catherine is worth tens of billions of dollars in its pink thought up by government officials they're putting it together in a bid to drive economic growth. they plan to spend about fifty three billion dollars to counter the impact of a looming consumption tax hike and keep the economy expanding the government will raise the tax from five to eight percent in april the increase is expected to dampen demand. a job proposal for the stimulus at the side about ten billion dollars to help japanese firms compete internationally. the money will promote the development of innovative drugs and support the expansion of smaller firms overseas the package also includes about three point two billion dollars in cash payments to
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people whose incomes are below a certain level. and the earmarks about one and a half billion dollars to ease the financial burden for homebuyers. the government will also spend ten billion dollars to accelerate the recovery in the pre schumer and other disaster hit areas. officials plan to finalize the measures in coming weeks. i'll compile an extra budget by mid december to carry out the stimulus now let's get a check on the market. us stocks ended lower on monday after retail sales during the thanksgiving weekend fell from a year earlier the dow jones fell almost half a percent to end at sixteen thousand and eight does he have to tell my kids are reacting but now that of a meanie card is standing by at the tokyo stock exchange amiga morning what can you tell us a good morning to night as he doesn't. let's go straight to the opening doubles for december third and let's see where the nikkei and topics or treating right now and both in the positive. so that's
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the first few minutes of trading the stock forget that in the taxi pulled back just a touch. excuse me on monday with lackluster trade after taking nine point eight percent in november the dollar is pretty much dictated the moves here in japan and it traded above the hunter and the yen level in new york at one point for the first time since late may and basses really can be looking for further to dollar signs if they can move any higher. it's all been invariably it will mean further gains for exports not domestically within a half to focus on auto sector today sales job for a third straight month in november domestic sales rose sixteen percent in november compared to the year earlier as consumers rushed to buy some of these the big ticket items before the increase in the sales tax in april from five to eight percent which we were just covering as well i saw a bit of each guy covering t likes of toyota honda nissan and of course a lot of the component parts makers as well so well we'll see how that develops as well
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i mean speaking of that all you know is it possible that it may take a bit of a step back after this race again so you know you did mention that it did hit one of three m novel tells more about that exactly that that is a big question of course the dollar keeps gaining. let's look at those levels right now as we kick off a tree here in iso two hundred and two point eight six in ninety one. i have to say though in henri touch the hive hundred and three points thirteen appetites and manufacturing data in the us on monday its highest level since april two thousand weapon providing for the key evidence of positive momentum for the u s economist is trading below that right now. the jobs in on friday of course is going to get people prisoners to provide the federal reserve with more clues as to when to scale back its current on buying program the summit of the year again the regal hundred and thirty nine or thirty c to thirty eight the euro may have been paid back to talks following a fall in spanish for kids after weaker than expected manufacturing data that the european central bank policy meeting on thursday of course now becomes a big
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focus on asian markets have provided a bit of a mixed bag drop yesterday as investors sites that the charges he lied to do with concerns also lingering over territorial disputes and efforts by us vice president biden who is visiting the region to meet with japanese and chinese leaders who keep track of that but so far a positive session for them they can all expect your ironing things la for the day for me now apart from the tokyo stock exchange that it does not only market open this summer i'll leave you with a check on some eggs it is. it is. when prime
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minister david cameron has agreed with the chinese community could stand to boost economic cooperation between the two countries. i mean that with me on monday in beijing. they spoke of investment in britain for infrastructure projects like the high speed railway and nuclear plants. annan said he would encourage london's financial institutions and companies to use the chinese yuan in transactions. it doesn't need to pull more than three hundred million dollars for joint technological research the way ford of britain and china is more openness and done. delivering the true benefits for people hear about it. britain is the ideal off for an opening china. use. he said he aims to strengthen the mitchell political try and make sure
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the bilateral relations develop in the right direction. relations were strained when cameron held talks in may when he found tibetan spiritual leader the d line them up. readers have seen the economic relationship grows stronger the chinese pontificate in the conception of the nuclear plant in southwestern france health authorities in hong kong have confirmed the first case of human infection of the age seven and nine strain of bird flu in the territory an official with a very unhealthy around and said that researchers have found the virus. in thirty six year old indonesian woman who works at the domestic helper she's been hospitalized in critical condition. officials believe the cause is like a can that she's honored and coke too much traveling in shenzhen in mainland china with the punk on more than two weeks ago. authorities have suspended imports of live poultry from mainland china. acb renowned disinfect a local chicken times more than one hundred and forty
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people were reported to be infected with age seven and nine strain since february in mainland china and taiwan what officials in shanghai are asking residents to stay in july. and pollution in the chinese city has had a record high. on sunday the density of fine airborne particles known as p and two point five pieces highest levels in city officials started publishing data in june of last year. it was two hundred and twenty micrograms per cubic meter. the safety level in japan is seventy there remain heavily polluted on monday the twenty four hour average five pm two point five weeks to two hundred and fifty nine micrograms per cubic meter shanghai authorities asking if it's a day indoors to avoid leaving the back and kindergartens and schools have canceled all extracurricular activities and pollution in china worsens during the winter. as people start using coal fired heaters. greenpeace says
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the government should do more to tackle find airborne particles to carry if it hopes to host the twenty twenty two winter olympics in beijing. greenpeace has released the results of the study mp and two point five around the capital chinese authorities announced in september of fun to cut air pollution by more than twenty five percent by twenty seventeen. greenpeace as even if officials me that i get to the levels of pm two point five more harmful in china's air quality standards before twenty thirty. boucher many teams still need to be done. the government wants to keep the scanner greenpeace says emissions and encourage youth must be reduced by eighty percent of the two thousand ten levels. it is carried to do so would mean china will create its own standards by twenty twenty two. some people in the egypt on criticizing the new draft constitution that would give the military sweeping new powers the state may bring the country back to a
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dictatorship. the new charter would give the supreme armed fs final say on who served as defense minister. they've accused of harming the military could face trial in a military court the competition would ban religious organizations from setting up political wings this would restrict the activities of the muslim brotherhood the power base of ousted president mohamed was the acacia st impact and i'm the month already the document through referendum with their mom japanese prime minister shibuya law that has been trying to rally support for a bill that would let the government designated state secrets. lower house members approved a bill last week i want the upper house candidates to do was hit by friday when the current diet session and i then spoke to a meeting of ministers and members of the ruling coalition cry is a knowledge that the bill has drawn
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criticism. instead he were to win people's support. my administration will continue to provide detailed explanations to help ease a bit concerned but the proposed legislation what does it need some information as deep sea kayaks people seeking such information would face up to ten years in prison. but some japanese citizens of worrying about what the speakers the pill could mean contest is on monday lit up the token ninth with candles in a rally for free speech. the we used to listen to the concerned citizens gathered outside the diet building where the nicest and on thirteen hundred people took part. a senior member of the ruling liberal democratic party cause controversy in the end the day. he used to supply the chicken pen noisy demonstrators to tennis. now here again as a hitchhiker defended his companions from
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accusations of terrorism we'll see what we are and the citizens exercising the right to free speech to say no to the bill he still bought it. to clarify the local considered. and what will keep crying. this is that the dnc can see here for as long as necessary. in i do. and. most of the japanese pointy cancer it's like to find a cure continues to khamenei and osaka friends and family came together to raise awareness and honor his wishes it to calm the bees before a night club a fundraiser for cancer research. an ausaid parents with those living with
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the disease and their scrip lost loved ones marked step by step with each other united. the night. cancer patients and their supporters that after the date for life without got at a local high school. some two thousand three hundred people gathered for the event. your grace money. he walked around the school's two hundred meter athletics track for twenty four hours. only need to choose the most capable attack initiated the attacks he was studying at his high school. but in january he died of cancer. his parents and friends honored his wishes. i realize being greedy for life the route. in an old tv was one of his and his friend. he finished third
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year of junior high the deal was also diagnosed with cancer when he was in elementary school. he once recovered. but cancer was again detected in his right leg. ever since. can pedal has been in and out of hospital. anti cancer agents low at the expense of the audience. hospital he roomed with seasonal staff can pedal called his older friend to come. you don't need it. i've really wanted to have an older brother like him as a gay cities face after he died. i was so stricken with grief that i couldn't stop nineties. ntini of relay for life osaka. it says in a skit for a parakeet can paddle a pet topic do
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your best research to cling to. battlestar just watching by now we get conundrum for five while ago. taking occasional breaks she was able to carry on for two laps the asinine. participants can learn in a ceremony to honor people who have died of cancer. i recall it just isn't his mother will be an adult he won the canopy. he and his friends enjoyed listening to enter hospital who do. in the future. since
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wednesday. i mean. normal. he keeps it secret. seventy supporters the meantime i'm thinking to everybody. most of my things scary to mikey friend susan. i wanted to eat anything i can do to help the patients in a blog or even just a little beat us no says she wants to become a pediatrician to tell the child. susan gets care and made it over to eat every day next year. for turkey the liberty gt. time now play chess. eleven people in tokyo enjoying a sunny clear skies he understandably count this morning while my back. good morning campaign to the lovely weather here in tokyo. i think we haven't had any precipitation over
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the past several base and no rain is confined to find answers to many people remain quite well. so watch out for news any food wine and notify near the northwestern parts of town a cool dry here today but the whole eco region. you can keep the system on and off showers the precipitation is going to be bringing back the snow. we have been reporting on the air pollution air quality has been quite bad in the eastern china and in fact the air quality index has reached the highest of the words being part of its current highest bullock and tim than expected this high pressure system will continue to secure it and continued to compress the air so there is no factor to spread the air pollution simulate the clean cut man is insight into the foreseeable future and a break. and this is the moment he spent the lot of heavy rain coming down over the eastern half of the philippines an eastern parts of the indochina and mom and when heavy rain with amal a painted line north it's not strep and it acts as a heavy rain caused the deadly landslides ignore
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the ninth round. now talking about a tropical low we have another one over that the open goal. this is bringing a lot of heavy rain of baby back to the eastern part of a three run capped and this will continue to intensify become a tropical fruit on the next several days. the more heavy rain is likely for eastern parts of the non threat. i excuse me three one kept the landslides and flooding are going to be a very high priest for the next several days. i'm going to be in to clean teeth in hong kong and taipei and one stella and decreased. ri across the america that peak winter storm is still flying over the north where the us canada border producing heavy snow showers. the heavy snow is going to be found in dairy industry getting great over the us canada border and the northern rockies and into tuesday about ten to twenty centimeters likely for a windy area and over the teeth and is likely for an old kodak and i combined a very gusty conditions the half to travel to this area make sure to bring her winter survival kit and a carry extra food
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and water in case of emergency that temperatures are going to be very cheery in the north minus ten degrees forty in with that knocked out in denver on tuesday but that could be starkly going down as a good ten minus twelve the crease with a high on wednesday as well as their stake nine to nineteen degrees with high on their stay to watch out for the traffic cooling the primary across the europa we have a snow showers in north eastern part of the moral code to kill the cat in the ditch. instead the northeast tomorrow. i woke up to find their cd car to get the snow tyres pouring in from all over morocco to see this too barren season whether the adults enjoyed a fine thing can't enjoy defining game. and the snow resort a great source of water for the finds of their creation. that snow is relating not been added to the country adding that the suspense built up putting a lot of energy to create snow showers in the high elevations and the balkan
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peninsula as well as on turkey three race you can see some snow showers at an amount this year with a slightly formal and areas for the eastern half of the mediterranean and teachers as follows then i'm going to be going out with your work. i moved. the tour
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when this edition of nice time. are you
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